sweetpea 1Sweet Pea CSA: is the top grower of chemical-free vegetables in Norfolk County.  Sweet Pea is run by next-generation farmers Andy and Amanda McCracken who provide local, healthy food for their neighbours while stimulating the local economy. Sweet Pea is an incredible business and A Higher Plane is proud to collaborate with Sweet Pea on environmental alternatives.

wornoff's woodsWornoff`s Woods: Based in Keene, ON, Wornoff`s Woods provides the finest custom cabinetry available.  Specializing in local hardwoods, Wornoff`s Woods is distinguished as one of the region`s most elegant builders.  Producing lumber and maple syrup right on the premises, Wornoff`s Woods contributes to the local economy.

Kernal Peanuts: Based in Norfolk County, Kernal Peanuts is a model for sustainable farming, renewable energy, local economies, and family farming.  To continue the family tobacco farm, Ernie and Nancy Racz began growing peanuts in the 1980s, and are one of two peanut farms in Canada.   A Higher Plane delivers burnables to Kernal for energy.

AyA Kitchens: AyA Kitchens provides high-quality frameless cabinetry and leads the industry in sustainable practices.  AyA pioneers environmentally friendly waste-diversion plans, selective, healthy product-sourcing, and efficient building principles to create a superior product for your home. AyA supplies A Higher Plane with scrap hardwood for use in our projects.