about photoA Higher Plane refers to the process of reincarnation – when a person dies, it is believed that they are reborn onto a higher plane of existence.  It also refers to a wood plane, which can be used to remove the nicks and dents on a piece of wood, revealing the rich grain beneath.

A Higher Plane is a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Gordie Wornoff, a second-generation woodworker from Keene, Ontario.

In order to provide an alternative to the model which creates unnecessary waste in favour of speed and money, A Higher Plane takes action in several ways:

  • I support small, local businesses where ever possible in order to strengthen a reliable network in our own neighbourhoods
  • I typically recycle 80% of the construction waste from our projects.
  • I rely on materials from small mills or they are reclaimed where possible
  • I am trained and up-to-date on alternative construction methods
  • I build using innovative designs to maximize efficient use of materials
  • I craft our products carefully and build them to last for generations
  • I take our client’s health seriously and avoid the use of chemical products
  • I strive  to take construction to A Higher Plane

A Higher Plane is part of the movement which aims to reduce our individual footprints on the planet, as well as North America’s collective footprint. It is important to take responsibility for our actions – environmentally and socially.